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Great Yarmouth Minster Preservation Trust
12 May 2016 - 09:45 to 10:50
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Standard Items
To receive any apologies for absence.

The Chairman informed the Trust that Tony Smith had sadly passed away yesterday.


Apologies for absence had been received from Mr H Cator, Mr M Boon, Mr R Hodds, Mr I Miller and Mr M Muskett.



You have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in a matter to be discussed if it relates to something on your Register of Interests form. You must declare the interest and leave the room while the matter is dealt with.

You have a Personal Interest in a matter to be discussed if it affects
•    your well being or financial position
•    that of your family or close friends
•    that of a club or society in which you have a management role
•    that of another public body of which you are a member to a greater extent than others in your ward.
You must declare a personal interest but can speak and vote on the matter.

Whenever you declare an interest you must say why the interest arises, so that it can be included in the minutes. 


There were no Declarations of Interest declared at the meeting.



a) Income

£25 Hospitals Retirement Club (Colin Smith)
£25 Club 41 (Colin Smith)

£100 John Blaxell (gift aided)

£40 Colin Smith for a headstone

£50 Colin Smith talk to Gorleston Probus

£20 CAF

£80 Misc donations 

£70 Donations from John Dashwood exhibition 

£477 The Goslings re John Dashwood 

£30 Blundeston LHS talk (Hugh Sturzaker)

b) Expenses 

Website hosting £61.20

The Chairman reported that the bank balances were as follows:


Current Account - £8,927.03


Premium 10 Day Notice Account - £206,224.07



4 pdf MINUTES (168Kb)
To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on the 10 March 2016.



The minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2016 were confirmed.


It was noted that Mr T King had been omitted from the list of attendees.



Certificate of gratitude (Imperial, Burlington, Childs, Mick Cole, Colin Smith)

The Chairman circulated a draft Certificate of Appreciation for Trust members to approve. Members approved the draft but requested that the certificate be headed Certificate of Appreciation and be signed by the Chairman.


To be discussed at the meeting.

The Chairman reported that the organ restoration specialist had been appointed and he had spent a day with John Stephens and assessed the organ. The specialist had suggested that additional stops be added to the organ to improve its sound. The Minster was now awaiting his report.


The Chairman reported that the heating issue had been put on hold until the new incumbent was in situ.



To be discussed at the meeting.

The Trust were advised that the Preservation Trust still had a presence in the Great Yarmouth Mercury.



To be discussed at the meeting.

Mr Price reported that he had set himself a personal target of £1,000 to raise from approaching local businesses for small cash gifts in return for tickets to Preservation Trust events. the Chairman wished him well with this venture.



a) Christmas Tree Festival - Friday 10 - Sunday 18 December 
b) Summer Music Sundays 3pm with drink and cake - Tickets £6-£7.50 3 July Hannah Long - Classic Soprano 10 July Hayley Moss - Soprano (sung at Carrow Road) £200 (£7.50)
Saturday 16 July 7:30pm Dixiemix - Traditional Jazz (£600) - Tickets £10

24 July Love Longing and the sea - Butlers and Friends - Folk (FOC)

31 July Kitty Collins - Soprano - Karen Carpenter Songs - (£100) Cancelled

7 Aug Rev'd Grant and John Farmer (FOC)


Printing £5

c) Rock and Roll Saturday 21 May (David McDermott) : Mervyn and the Starbeats, the Delta Beltas, The NJP Trio, Rick O'Shea, Charlie Marsden : Expenses - printing £21

d) Craft and Cask quiz 24 May (Bob Price/Michael Muskett)

  • Christmas Tree Festival - Friday 9 December to Sunday 18 December 2016

Mr Smith suggested that the Christmas Tree Festival have an Alphabet Theme this year. Entrants to pick a letter of the alphabet and decorate their tree using as many decorations beginning with that letter, for example, C for Christmas Crackers and Candles.


  • Summer Music Sundays with Afternoon Tea

Mr Price reported that he had ordered the cakes and the cost would be split amongst the Directors. The Chairman reported that Kitty Collins had cancelled but talks were still in progress to see if this decision could be reversed.


  • Rock'n'Roll Saturday 21 May 2016

The Chairman reported that Scroby Fayre had given £100 sponsorship and in return had been given 10 free tickets. Mr Taylor & Mr Smith offered to run the bar on the night, Mrs McCullough offered to organise a raffle and Mr & Mrs Davies agreed to man the doors.


  • Craft & Cask Quiz 24 May 2016

Mr Price reported that Larkin & Gowan were unable to make a quiz team but had sent a donation of £25 in lieu. The Chairman would send a letter of thanks. Mr King reported 11 teams had entered leaving space for 1 more team. Trophies would be awarded to the wining teams and a prize provided for the team which came last. It was hoped that this event would raise between £250 and £300 on the night without the need for a raffle. It was hoped that the Fish and Chip supper would be provided by Graham Plant. The Chairman reported that he would not be attending and Mr Smith agreed to give the vote of thanks.



3-4 Short talks / Fish and chips at St Paul's Winter 2016
Ben Garrod - bones (Colin Smith)
50/50 Auction (David McDermott)
Blessing of the nets - 16 October 6:30pm - Herring Cooker 

The Chairman reported that as Mr McDermott was not present at the meeting, an update was unavailable regarding the 50/50 Auction event. Mr Smith reported that he had not heard from Ben Garrod.


  • Blessing of the Nets

The Chairman reported that Arthur Hollis had retired following last years event and consequently, a new "herring cooker" was required. Mr Price agreed to approach Jason Delf of the Burlington Hotel to see if he would oblige.

The Chairman asked for advice for the direction of the service as Mr Boon had contacted him in regard to this year's service being more professional . Trust members thought that the children's choirs who had performed at last years service had improved the format. It was suggested that Mr Sturzaker should approach Claire Winter to see if "The Statement" Children's Choir would be able to perform this year. The Trust agreed that "The Masquers" should be given a reduced input in this year's programme and be invited as guests to thank them for their previous performances.


11 JUNE 2017
75th Anniversary of the bombing of the Minster.

The Chairman reported that Mecca Bingo had offered potential support/sponsorship of an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the bombing of the Minster but the matter had to be discussed by the PCC.

Mr Price suggested that Gary Allan be contacted to see if he would consider holding an event to make the occasion at The Minster similar to the Open day he had organised for the local Rotarians a few years ago which had been very well received.

The Chairman reported that Bruno Peek had cancelled his plans to stage a Royal Military Tattoo in the Market Place in 2017 as the Council was planning to stage an Air Show.



To consider any other business as may be determined by the Chairman of the meeting as being of sufficient urgency to warrant consideration.
  • New Director

The Trust agreed to contact Bruce Sturrock to see if he would consider becoming a Trustee after he had stood down as Captain of Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club.


  • Arts Festival

Mr Sturzaker gave an overview of events which were planned for this years Festival.


  • The Tempest at The Hippodrome

Mr Taylor reported that he had recently attended a performance of The Tempest at The Hippodrome which was outstanding and he urged the Trustees to spread the word.



14 July 2016, 8 September 2016, in the Minster Vestry - 10 November 2016 (AGM) at 09:45 in the Town Hall. (Change of date for AGM)

The Committee confirmed that the next meetings would be held on 14 July 2016, 8 September 2016 and the AGM on 17 November 2016, at 09:45 in The Vestry, Great Yarmouth Minster.



Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.




Dr P Davies (in the Chair); Mrs S McCullough, Mr R Price, Mr T King, Mr J Carter, Mr N Pownall, Mr H Sturzaker, Mr C Smith & Mr M Taylor.

Mrs C Webb (GYBC Officer).


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