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Licensing Committee
20 Sep 2021 - 18:00 to 18:30


This meeting will be held in public and in person at the Town Hall, Great Yarmouth.

This meeting will be streamed LIVE on to the Council's YouTube Channel and, we would encourage Members of the public to watch remotely by clicking here. If you wish to attend in person please could we ask where possible, you indicate in advance that it is your intention to do so. This can be completed by contacting We will ask for contact details to be given incase of the need to contact you (in the event of a COVID 19 Outbreak). Public Seating will also at this time remain limited.

Councillors and Officers attending the meeting will be undertaking a lateral flow test in advance prior to the meeting. They will also be required to wear face masks when they are moving around the room but may remove them once seated. We would like to request that any external attendees or public speakers attending the meeting do the same to help make the event safe for all those attending. Information about symptom-free testing is available here.



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Standard Items
To receive any apologies for absence. 



Apologies were received from Councillors Cordiner Achenbach, Jeal, Galer, Stenhouse and B Walker.




You have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in a matter to be discussed if it relates to something on your Register of Interests form. You must declare the interest and leave the room while the matter is dealt with.

You have a Personal Interest in a matter to be discussed if it affects
•    your well being or financial position
•    that of your family or close friends
•    that of a club or society in which you have a management role
•    that of another public body of which you are a member to a greater extent than others in your ward.
You must declare a personal interest but can speak and vote on the matter.

Whenever you declare an interest you must say why the interest arises, so that it can be included in the minutes. 



There were no declarations of interest declared at the meeting.




Report attached.





Committee received and considered the report by the Head of Environmental Services.


The Head of Environmental Services advised that the report detailed a new legal requirement for Local Authorities to maintain a "Fit and Proper Persons" register with regard to mobile park home sites and detailed how this would be implemented by the Council.


The Head of Environmental Services reported that Committee were being asked to approve the Fit and Proper Persons determination policy as detailed within the report together with the fees schedule also contained within the report.


Councillor Wainwright commented that he felt a scheme such as this was needed and believed this was a good step forward.


Councillor Hanton asked with regard to the declaration of convictions and what the timescales were of having to declare past convictions. The Head of Environmental Services reported that the statute itself did not specify timeframes, it it was confirmed that the policy mirrored the statute as was defined within the Act. Councillor Hanton queried whether the Rehabilitation of Offenders act did not therefore apply.


Councillor Hanton asked who or what are the 1st tier tribunal property chamber in respect of whom an applicant might appeal to in the case of a refusal. The Head of Environmental Services reported that these were a group of Professional Officers who come together to hold tribunals.


Councillor Price asked if there was going to be a fit and proper persons test for managers of Holiday homes, it was advised that this was not in place at the moment but could be a Government consideration moving forward.


The Chair asked who would decide to grant licences, it was advised that this would be delegated to the Head of Environmental Services. A further question was asked with regard to feedback from site owners, it had been advised that this had been positive and owners were keen to show they are complying with the policy.




That the Licensing Committee approve the Fit and Proper Persons Determination Policy included in Appendix, along with the fees schedule contained within. 



To consider any other business as may be determined by the Chairman of the meeting as being of sufficient urgency to warrant consideration.



There was no other business discussed at the meeting.



In the event of the Committee wishing to exclude the public from the meeting, the following resolution will be moved:-

"That under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business on the grounds that it involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 1 of Part I of Schedule 12(A) of the said Act."


No other member attendance information has been recorded for the meeting.
NameReason for Sending ApologySubstituted By
Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach  Trevor Wainwright
Noel Galer Geoffrey Freeman
Michael Jeal  
Katy Stenhouse Mr Robert Price
Brian Walker  
NameReason for AbsenceSubstituted By
No absentee information has been recorded for the meeting.

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


Present :


Councillor G Carpenter (in the Chair) ; Councillors Bensly, Borg, Bird, Hanton, Lawn, Robinson-Payne and Thompson


Councillor T Wainwright acted as a substitute for Councillor Cordiner-Achenbach


Councillor Price acted as substitute for Councillor Stenhouse


Councillor Freeman acted as substitute for Councillor Galer 


Also in attendance :


Mr J Wilson (Head of Environmental Services) and Mrs S Wintle (Corporate Services Manager)



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