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Gorleston Area Public Forum
17 Sep 2019 - 18:30 to 19:40
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The minutes of the meeting held on the 25 June 2019 were confirmed.



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There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.





A representative from Anglian Water will attend the meeting to provide an update.





Hugh Crerand (Network Manager Norwich & Lowestoft), Claire Moore (Regional Network Manager) and Ian Boon (Project Engineer) from Anglian Water attended the meeting to talk through the three options being considered to resolve the issue of flooding at the White Horse Roundabout and surrounding area - please see the attached maps showing the different options.


Questions raised:-


A member of the public queried why he was advised by the Customer Services Manager of Anglian Water in 2014 that this work would commence by 2019, yet despite the same problem occurring each year, nothing has happened. Claire explained that the allocation of funding within Anglian Water is undertaken every 5 years and the next phase of funding begins in 2020 and that funds have now been allocated to this project as a high priority. The planning has already begun.


The Chairman asked who would be involved in choosing which option is implemented and requested a timeline for the works, as he was under the impression that work would start in late 2019 or early 2020. Claire advised that the investigatory work has started and the timeline of works will be dependent on which option is chosen and that once costed the Board at Anglian Water will meet to make the decision. 


A member of the public asked whether the three options suggested could cope with any additional houses planned for the future? Ian confirmed that everything in the plan has been taken into consideration and anything unplanned will be looked at and planned for as and when they arise. The Chairman added that water management is a high priority when new housing is applied for.


A member of the public asked if these options could handle it if climate change happens quicker? Ian advised that one in thirty plus extra is always allocated.


Councillor B Walker asked if a cast iron guarantee could be provided that all three of these options would work? Ian advised that one in thirty plus climate change is how the options have been calculated, so based on this then yes they would.


Councillor Wells wanted to check that Anglian Water are already in conversation with Highways regarding road closures? Ian confirmed that Highways are notified of all planned works and that more detailed conversations will take place once a decision has been made on which option is to be implemented.


A member of the public asked about flooding from the dykes. It was agreed that Matthew Philpot from the Internal Drainage Board would be asked to attend the next Gorleston Area Committee meeting on the 17th December.













A public question time session will be held for a 15 minute period.





A member of the public asked why Forsythia Road had been closed and buses re-directed since Sunday evening as nothing seems to be happening? Councillor C M Walker confirmed that these works are being undertaken by BT.


A member of the public queried the road works currently taking place on Beccles Road, near the Claydon site and whether anyone was notified of this as its proving difficult during school times? Councillor C Walker confirmed that this work is being undertaken by the gas board and that the local school would have been notified.


A member of the public commented that speeding down Burgh Road from the White Horse roundabout to the flyover is getting worse. The Chairman advised this is a common problem and although speed bumps will get put into new estates but rarely elsewhere. This will be mentioned at the next SNAP Meeting with the police.



To consider any other business as may be determined by the Chairman of the meeting as being of sufficient urgency to warrant consideration.



There was no other business to be discussed.





The Strategic Planning Manager advised that the Council are currently consulting on the Local Plan Part 2 which identifies specific sites for development and a number of detailed policies to determine planning applications.


There is a proposal for 500 homes to the south of Links Road, Gorleston with a local shop, 15% of which would be affordable housing.


A proposal for 100 homes on Emerald Park, Gorleston with 10% being affordable, but only being allowed to develop if Gorleston FC can find an alternative site.


A proposal for a new larger healthcare facility on Magdalen Way, Gorleston, which will retain facilities on site as well as some extra care housing.


Once decisions are made the document will be sent to government who will appoint a Planning Inspector to work on this. Adoption of this is expected to be late 2020.




A member of the public advised that there have been various consultations take place already regarding the Shrublands Health Centre with promises of a new doctors surgery and wanted to know why nothing has happened yet? The Chairman advised that this will take time due to many authorities needing to work together. The member of the public wanted it noted that she was not happy with this response. The Chairman added that funding for this comes from the Clinical Commissioning Group, not from local government. Councillor Flaxman-Taylor confirmed that these funds are now in place. 


A member of the public asked whether the CCG are planning more doctors surgeries with the proposal of 500 new homes? The Chairman advised that the NHS are consulted but no they are not. The CCG will provide the building, but doctors surgeries are private business so if the demand is there this could change. There are also recruitment issues in this area.


A member of the public queried what is considered affordable housing? The Strategic Planning Manager advised that this could be social housing, council/housing associations, shared ownership and discount in perpetuity. Each site is looked at on a case by case basis to establish what is needed in that area.


A member of the public asked whether any planning for highs schools was being undertaken as phase 3 of Beacon Park has begun? The Chairman confirmed that no, there are no current plans as there is still capacity in the current schools.



Additional Meeting Documents

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