Cabinet system up to May 2016

Great Yarmouth Borough Council Meetings

Annual Business Rate Payers

Annual Business Rate Payers is an annual meeting of business rate payers

Appeals Committee

The role of the Appeals Committee is to consider appeals against disciplinary decisions, unresolved grievances and grading appeals from employees

Area Museums Committee

The role of the committee is to feed into NCC Museums meeting cover aspects specific to Great Yarmouth

Audit and Risk

The purpose of the Audit and Risk committee is to provide independent assurance of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the associated control environment


Cabinet is the main decision making body of the Council

Civic Twinning Working Group

To deal with twinning issues with Rambouillet (France)

Civic Working Party

To deal with Civic Events

Civic Working Party-World War 1

Currently inactive set up to deal with events to commemorate World War 1

Civil Contingency Consultation Group

Meets as required to consider issues relating to our responses to civil emergences

Community Housing Board

Oversee running of Community Housing

Development Control Committee

Development Control is responsible for dealing with local authority planning applications

Tree Preservation Order Sub (TPO)

Meets when required to approve Tree Preservation Orders

Full Council

Full Council is responsible for determining the Council's overall policies and set the budget and level of council tax each year

Gorleston Area Committee

Gorleston Area Committee provides for better and more co-ordinated local services by enabling local elected members, residents and their communities to get involved in the work of the Council and other services

Gorleston Car Parking Task and Finish

Looking and advising on Car Parking strategies in Gorleston – Currently Inactive

Gorleston Conservation Area Advisory Group

Public meeting to take forward Conservation issues in Gorleston – Currently Inactive

Governance Committee

To determine the Structure and compersition of Committees under the Committee System

Great Yarmouth Cultural Heritage Partnership

To involve Members and the Public in the Culture and Heritage in the Borough

Great Yarmouth Tenants Forum

Liaison group between The Tenants and Community Housing

Housing Appeals Committee

To consider Appeals from tenants to their Housing allocation

Licensing Committee

Licensing Committee is responsible for the licensing and safety functions of the Council, including taxis, private hire vehicles and drivers

Licensing Sub Committee

Licensing Sub Committee is responsible for determining applications for alcohol and gambling premises

Local Plan Working Party

To determine the core strategy for the Borough Wide Local Plan

Parish Liaison Meetings

A conduit for the Parish Councils to discuss pertinent issues with the Borough Council

Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny works to ensure and promote open and transparent decision making and democratic accountability

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee examines the conduct of councillors including parish councillors

Yarmouth Area Committee

Yarmouth Area Committee provides for better and more co-ordinated local services by enabling local elected members, residents and their communities to get involved in the work of the Council and other services

Waterways Working Group

Oversee the heritage lottery fund grant to improve the waterways

Great Yarmouth Partnership meetings/Working parties

Anglia Water Working Party

Currently Inactive

Economic Reference Group

Joint meeting of Officers and Members to highlight economic issues affecting the borough

Golden Mile Working Party

Currently inactive

Great Yarmouth Minster Preservation Trust

Fund raising committee for Great Yarmouth Minster

Great Yarmouth Sports Council

Currently not serviced

Living Wage Working Group

Members working group to determine if the council should apply for accreditation as a foundation living wage employer

Nelson Museum Management Board

To discuss issues arising at the Nelson Museum

Signage Working Party

Sub Group of Great Yarmouth Area Committee – Currently Inactive

Internal meetings (not open to the public)

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