Great Yarmouth Borough Council is structured to allow the elected councillors to make decisions effectively, with a degree of oversight that, in addition to public scrutiny, ensures the decisions are made fairly and in the best interest of the people of the Borough. Set out below is a list of all of the Committees. If you click on the meeting you are interested in you will find information about the membership and meetings. By selecting the date of the meeting you can find out more information including the agenda, reports and minutes.

Notices of Key Decisions can be found in the Public Documents tab.

Committees and Working Groups

Cabinet (From May 2023)Cabinet (From May 2023)

Cabinet (From May 2023)

Cabinet system up to May 2016Cabinet system up to May 2016

Cabinet system up to May 2016

Committee System from May 2016Committee System from May 2016

Committee System from May 2016

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